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ART INSTALLATION, ‘Shapes In Space & Music’, Created for the Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara


My creative awakening to this foreign material encouraged me to work in this medium. Styrene stimulated my creativity and I was motivated to explore this medium further with the creation of a mobile of shapes and forms. Constructing forty individual three-dimensional shapes, cut, folded and formed, became a multifarious collection, a complete hanging sculpture, suspended from the ceiling. The entire mass of shapes becomes a phenomenon of shadows and rays of light that seep through open spaces. The shadows are duplicated on surrounding surfaces. This reveals unusual nuances, a vision of ever-changing patterns, configurations and composition altered by subtle atmospheric changes in the space creating an unusually beautiful sensation as they gracefully sway to the sound of Japanese music. This vision evokes an emotional sense of harmony and beauty accompanied by tranquil sound as it relates to Japanese philosophy in a very peaceful way for the viewer.