My assemblages are created with handmade paper and my collection of found objects that are especially selected to create and construct this series. Some pieces, serendipitously discovered, inspired me to unearth its beauty and enhance this body of work. Most of the paper applied to this work was created while in Japan using the ancient methods of making handmade paper.

Selecting some shapes of dried paper, I assemble assorted shapes and forms together and attach to continue, drawing lines and images with pastel or charcoal. With irritated action and active motion helps me to create, distorted, irregular and jagged shapes. I continue attach a variety of fortuitous materials or acquired objects to the art work. This unique medium has allowed me to express the multifariousness forms and the connective sensuality of fiber, and has allowed me to reveal to the contemporary viewer new feelings as well as age—nostalgia expressed through the beauty of paper.