DRAWINGS | Charcoal Abstracts


These charcoal drawings were created at a time when I felt very strongly about the state of the world we live in. At times it is difficult to remain unmoved and quiescent in its midst. My anger and disgust for societies that encourage mechanical reproduction, technological alienation, human cloning, conflict, greed, lies and media manipulaiton force me to reveal these powerful, intense, and emotional feelings in my works of art.

My black and white drawings on paper are a graphic record of the powerfully violent, gestural and vigorous forms that reveal my intense feelings. They disclose strong images that manifest themselves into dichotomy and disjointed linear markings with ragged forms on the paper leaving voids in their wake that are inadequately sutured with jagged lines. These works transcend the initial shock of sensational brutality to attain a stark and formal elegance that invites contemplation as it induces anxiety. These are my constructed emblems of destruction. The recording of all cultural continuity is precious to me and is one way of staying in touch with humanity.