Permanent installation
Elings Park, Santa Barbara, CA

This sculpture encompasses the human form in a free and unrestricted spirit. My intent in creating this work was to capture the human figure in space and gestures in a composition to express the rhythm and harmony of life. These three spatial configurations of metal are cut into shapes, bent, and curved to express human gestures. Each form, left in its natural rusted metal, can manually be turned on its steel footing producing a different visual impression of the sculpture. These forms relate to each other in a lively and changing manner as light and shadow are attracted to the metal by the altering of the environment giving visual enjoyment to the viewer. The sculpture has a sensibility of joy and conviviality to all who stop and savor its beauty.

Designed: ”Urban Trees 7”
Port of San Diego, CA

This sculpture was selected to participate in the year long “Urban Trees Program 7” at the harbor overlooking of San Diego Bay. The sculpture embraces the human, dancing in a free, unrestricted spirit and gesture which has rhythm and congruity of life. The spatial configurations are made from 1/8 inch aluminum, cut and formed into shapes, bent, curved, expressing human action, and is fabricated and powder-coated in primary colors. These forms, are attached to a circular center hub, and attached to a 13′ tall pole. Wind currents generate power and energy to the circular form allowing the colorful figures to rotate and dance in space with an aesthetic feeling of joy and conviviality. Their grace and color captures the light of day in stupendous observation by the viewer.